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About the New Mexico Justice Project and the Election Integrity Initiative

The New Mexico Justice Project was founded in January, 2018, as an independent
expenditure political committee that seeks to advance the cause of justice and equity in New Mexico and promote an understanding of the fundamental American principles of jurisprudence. In the wake of the 2018 election, with its numerous voting irregularities, we have focused our efforts on investigating every step in the voting process in New Mexico. This includes absentee ballot application and administration, as well as the review of claimed voter residence and eligibility. Our goal, with your help — to fund this time-consuming and labor-intensive project — is to achieve clean elections in New Mexico by exposing and eliminating election fraud. 

The Project will examine the substantial 2019-2023 changes to the New Mexico Election Code to inform and educate voters about significant voting issues.  The Project will also build upon the 44-page report produced by Full Compliance Consulting, LLC for the Yvette Herrell campaign (for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District) which provided a comprehensive review of a number of allegations, including:
fraudulent voter signatures on absentee ballots returned 
missing or fake voter identification on absentee ballots
fake voter registration addresses resulting in undeliverable ballots because voters used 1) commercial mailboxes; 2) empty lots; 3) non-existent street addresses; and 4) other invalid information on voter registration forms.


The Project will review the New Mexico statewide voter file and monitor rule-making by the Secretary of State on the new laws, reporting on the impact on elections integrity and opportunities for fraud in New Mexico elections.

The New Mexico Justice Project is a registered New Mexico political committee.  It is privately supported by contributions.   To support The New Mexico Justice Project, you can click here:  

Contact The New Mexico Justice Project by email at

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